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I am Kicki Hjortmarker; a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist & Pilates Instructor with a holistic integrative approach.

I provide bodywork and massage therapy for both sports related- and medical issues, as well as for relaxation and stress relief.

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) is a very effective treatment method for relieving musculoskeletal pain and associated discomfort.

NMT addresses formed Trigger Points in your body. 

Trigger Points are hyperirritable spots in a taut band in muscles and connective tissues. Hightened levels of toxins, and chronic contraction of the muscle fibers, have been found in these spots.

There are several theories about why these Trigger Points form. Amongst some of the reasons are injury, overuse, poor posture, misaligned joints, compromised space for nerves at the nerve root, and nutritional deficiencies. 

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When Trigger Points cause you pain, your body starts to minimize movements that hurt, and it starts to use new ways and new muscle groups to perform a specific movement. When this happens, your body uses muscles that are not designed to perform the action that you are asking it to do, and an imbalance in your musculature follows. Most likely your frame has been, or will be, pulled out of alignment by the chronically contracted muscle fibers.

When the imbalance causes pain, the first step is to manually release these Trigger Points. Depending on the severity of the trauma, it may take one NMT session to relieve the pain, or it may take several sessions over an extended period of time.

Integrating other healing methods and techniques.

While NMT is a very effective healing method, the body often needs more than one type of treatment to heal, especially if your injury is chronic and you have been in pain for a long time. Maybe you tried Trigger Point Therapy before, and it helped for a while, and then you stopped benefiting from the treatments for unknown reasons. I therefore integrate other healing methods.

I often integrate Craniosacral Therapy; a method to work with the Central Nervous System, Myofascial Release; a form of Deep Tissue work to release muscle and fascia, and Somato Emotional Release; a true full body/mind method to release emotional, spiritual, and physical trauma stored in body tissues.

I also may use techniques such as Cupping, Visceral Manipulation, Lymphatic Drainage,, Reflexology, and Acupressure for increased blood-, energy-, and lymph flow.

I am further a Reiki master and may, with your permission, use Reiki energy as a healing aid. 

Free flow heals!

When you are out of pain enough to exercise, Pilates training is a very effective and safe exercise method to strengthen and stretch your whole body to make it balanced again. 

Any of the following conditions can be treated with Neuromuscular Therapy alone, or integrated with the above mentioned methods:

Low back pain


Neck pain


Disc degeneration discomfort

Hip pain

Piriformis syndrome

Carpal Tunnel syndrome

Plantar fasciitis


Nerve pain, such as tingling in arms, fingers, legs.

Pain between the shoulder blades.

Knee pain


And more.....

Acute injury If you don't have a chronic injury, and you just injured yourself, you might wonder if you can have a massage or other bodywork right away.

I'd say, it depends on the severity of the injury and if you have any visible or internal wounds. If you just "threw" your back out, or you just happened to tweak your neck, a session right away is usually fine and beneficial, unless your doctor advice you to wait.

It can be a good idea to rest for a couple of days and ice the painful and injured area, and then come in for a treatment.

If you don't experience chronic pain, and you don't have an acute injury; all you need is to loosen up your muscles after an intense work-out...

You might wonder if I can give you a Deep Tissue or Sports Massage. Absolutely! I work with many sportsmen- and women, and very active people who work out at high intensity. 

In addition, I offer pregnancy-, and Swedish massage.

All sessions are done with draping in the comfort of your home or in my studio. I use high quality, non-allergen products only.

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Note: This is an offer of professional and legit services only.