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Hi and thanks for visiting my site! I am Kicki Hjortmarker; a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist & Pilates Instructor with a holistic approach.  
Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) is a very effective treatment method for relieving musculoskeletal pain and associated pain in other soft tissue. 
NMT addresses formed Trigger Points in your body. 
There are several theories about why these Trigger Points form. Amongst some of the reasons are, poor posture, mis- aligned joints, compromised space for  nerves at the nerve root, and nutritional deficiency. 
Like with any healing method, most of the time, the body needs more than one type  of treatment to permanently heal, especially if your pain is chronic and you have been injured for a long time. 
While you are in pain, your body starts to minimize movements that hurt, and it starts to use new ways and new muscles to  perform a specific movement. When this happens, your body uses muscles that are not designed to perform the movements that  you  are asking it to do, and an imbalance in your musculature follows.  Most likely your frame (skeleton), have been pulled out of alignment by the permanently contracted muscle fibers (trigger points).
When the above causes pain, the first step is to manually release these trigger points. Depending on the severity of the trauma, it may take one NMT session to relieve the pain, or it may take several session over an extended period of time. 
Other healing methods might also be necessary.
I very often integrate Craniosacral Therapy (A method to work with the central nervous system), and Myofascial Release (a form of deep tissue work).
When you are out of pain enough to exercise, Pilates training is a very effective and safe exercise method to strengthen and stretch your whole body to make it more balanced again. 


                       Free flow heals!


If you don't experience chronic pain, and your injury just happened, then it is acute!
You might ask yourself at this point if I can treat an acute injury. Yes! I can treat an acute injury. If it just happened, you might want to rest for a couple of days and ice the painful and injured area, and then come in for a treatment. A treatment the day of an accident can be beneficial, but at this time we will have to be very careful and a CranioSacral treatment can be the most appropriate at this time. 

If you don't experience chronic pain, and you don't have an acute injury; all you need is to loosen up your muscles after an intense work-out...
Or, you need to maintain your already healthy body, you might wonder if I can give you a deep tissue or sports massage. Yes absolutely! I work with many athletes and people who just want to improve their overall health and prevent injuries. 

It can be combined with any other modality. 
All sessions are done with draping in the comfort of your home or in my studio.  I use high quality, non-allergen products only.

WHAT IS...?..
Below you will find the explanation of some massage terms and modalities you might have heard of and you are curious to find out more about.  These are also modalities that I may integrate in a session with you.

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