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Kicki's interest for the holistic healing arts started as a teenager while on the Swedish National team in Rhythmic Sports Gymnastics. The intense training put both physical and mental stress on her body and mind with muscular spasms and other imbalances as a result, which later led to chronic lower back pain.
Kicki says that she has been dealing with lower back pain for the most part of her life.  In the beginning she was treated by several different chiropractors which helped temporarily. But, it wasn't until she started her training to become a massage therapist that she found a solution for her own problem.
"Everyone that I saw for my lower back pain; chiropractors, massage therapists, orthopedic doctors, had different theories and ideas about why I was in pain. However, during my time in acting school, massage school, and later during Pilates training, I finally figured it out- and it was a long process."
Kicki had to do a great deal of work on her own: Meditating, strengthening and stretching muscles, finding out which muscles didn't fire and which ones were working over time, exercise, having fun! (it is an important part!), creating a balanced diet, and rest when appropriate. 
Healing modalities such as  Neuromuscular Therapy, acupuncture, myofacial release and last, but certainly not least- Pilates training, has finally made her free of lower back pain. 
Kicki has a great interest for dancing, acting, working out- especially in the pilates or yoga studio. Taking a jog in the sun or rain at the beach is something of her favorite things to do. Helping homeless animals finding a loving forever home is also close to her heart.  
She has extensive acting training, and through this venue she has learnt the benefits and joy of opening up the breath center and respiratory system, and she has experienced the  importance of letting oneself do something that one really love to do and express oneself in those ways.  
Additionally, she says: "Someone that had a great impact on my learning and getting to know my body from the inside-out was a holistic medicine practitioner in San Diego. "He taught me to detect tension in my own body before it became painful, and he taught me to relax muscles before they would spasm. That was an invaluable lesson for life and for my life as a therapist"
She exclaims: "Today I'm better than ever before! And I want to pass that knowledge on to others!"
Having gone through a long process of becoming pain free from chronic lower back pain, bouts of headaches, tinnitus, and vertigo, Kicki knows that it is a big commitment to become pain free. And, even with commitment, there will be rough times and set backs; sometimes you go forward a little , and then you take a big step backwards in the healing process, but with most certainty, if you are determined to become pain free, you are already having a great start by taking action and looking at Kicki's site, and you should know that you can feel a lot better than you do today!

 Training and Experience
Kicki started out as a Physical Education teacher in Sweden (That being part of an elementary school teaching position). The first position Kicki had as a massage therapist in California was on a team with Physical Therapists in Santa Monica. She then furthered her knowledge about the body/mind connection through training in Feldenkreis, Alexander Technique, and voice work while in acting school in NYC.
She became certified and licensed in massage therapy at LAVI in LA 2005 and have thereafter continued her training with The Upledger Institute in USA and Sweden in CranioSacral Therapy and  Somato- Emotional Release. She has, and is continuing, to study Visceral Manipulation with The Barral Institute.
Kicki also has training in Sports massage taken at The Southbay Massage College in Los Angeles.
She is further a certified classical Pilates Instructor through Jill Cassady's program: The Joseph Pilates Technique. 

List of courses and cerfitications completed:

Somato Emotional Release 2, Upledger Institute, 2/2020

CST Clinical Application, Upledger Institute, 6/2018

Visceral Manipulation, Barral Institute, 12/2016

CST for Cranial Nerves, Upledger Institute, 11/2016

The Joseph Pilates Technique, Jill Cassidy, 01/2015

Total Body Balancing, Upledger Institute, 07/2012

Somato Emotional Release, Upledger Institute, Sweden 08/2011

Craniosacral Therapy II, Upledger Institute, San Fransisco 12/2010

Craniosacral Therapy I, Upledger Institute, Big Sur, 05/2010

Sports & Rehabilitation, Southbay Massage College, 06/2010

Neuromuscular Therapy and Posture Realignment with Michael Greenspan, 04/2007

Massage Therapy certification program,  Los Angeles Vocational Institute, 05/2005

Reiki 1, LAVI, 7/2004

Feldenkreis and Alexander technique within an acting program, NYC, 2000-2004

BA in Education, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 1992

Kicki (Katarina) Hjortmarker, CAMTC #18002, 
Jill Cassady: The Joseph Pilates Technique
Kicki Hjortmarker Medical Massage Therapist
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