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Pilates or Yoga?

I get asked all the time:
"Kicki, should I do pilates or yoga? Which is better?"
I also often hear from long time yogis, that "I just like yoga. Pilates is not my thing."
Yet, they know something is missing when they consistently are bothered by a tight shoulder or painful lower back. 
My answer to the above question is: Do both!
You get the great healing benefits from both yoga and pilates. When we try to recover from an injury several modalities are often needed. 
My experience is that most yoga classes focus on opening and stretching the body.


Here we will discuss anything that concerns your health, and primarily imbalances in muscular tissue and fascia restrictions. However, since there are many systems within each body, we cannot ignore discussing the influence on/of the organs, cranial bones, and your energetic system.

I practice holistic therapy, and the way I apply this view of treatment is by taking a look at the body as a whole unit instead of focusing exclusively on one body part or on one specific
muscle group.

For example, if you have been plagued with neck pain for years for no obvious reason, you will most likely not be helped by hands-on work on your neck only.